Company History

The family behind fastAdvocate has been working to make government information more accessible since 1973, when our CEO's Mother Ruth Pritchard began publishing pocket directories of the California State Legislature.

Social Purpose

fastAdvocate is a technology platform that empowers the average citizen to have their voice heard alongside professional lobbyists. fastAdvocate customers are organizations committed to civic betterment and want to realize change by enabling its members to participate in the legislative process. fastAdvocate customers leverage their membership base to have local people begin lobbying their elected representatives through a coordinated campaign between citizens and the organizations they care about.

Enhancing Civic Engagement

At fastAdvocate our focus is on helping the average person to get their voice heard by their elected representatives on behalf of the organizations they care about. Organizations that leverage fastAdvocate have a unique tool to empower their community to be heard by their respective government representatives.


To steward the sacred processes that enable a functional Democracy into the 21st century and beyond.

To provide a technology platform that promotes a more equally represented constituency.

To help any organization achieve its campaign objectives by enabling its members to more efficiently and effectively influence their respective government representatives.